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Approach and History


Our Approach.  We operate as an independent non-profit ecumenical organization. The core of our business is mental health counseling. We also provide spiritual direction and psychoeducational testing.


We strive to offer hope and healing to community members experiencing pain and difficulties in their lives. We see many clients who face significant challenges that interfere with daily functioning at work, school and home and impair important relationships with family, friends and others. We assist clients with a wide range of concerns including depression and other mood related disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, life transitions and family issues. Our goal is to help our clients address their concerns and to live full, engaged lives.


Our staff is committed to providing an environment where our clients feel valued and supported on their path to wellbeing. We value diversity, operate holistically, and invite clients to incorporate spirituality into their counseling. Trinity Center is ecumenical in nature, which means we meet people wherever they are in their journey. For some clients this means that their faith is central to the work they do in their sessions. Other clients opt to leave out spiritual issues and work in a more traditional therapeutic model.

Our History.  Trinity Center was conceived in 1982 by three women: Ann Dixon, Betty Talbert and Kathryn Sinopoli. Their vision was for Trinity Center to be a resource for people desiring to grow and develop as whole people-mind, body, soul and spirit. The name Trinity was chosen because of its ability to point to the non-competitive cooperation, respect, and mutuality of the holy Trinity. This was designed to serve as the inspiration of our relationships with each other as staff, to professionals in the community outside of Trinity Center, to our clients and to ourselves. 

Trinity Center’s unique approach and flexible work environment has drawn a staff of well trained, experienced, creative, full and part-time clinicians. These professionals are licensed and hold either Master or Doctoral level degrees. The breadth of experience and expertise these clinicians have allows Trinity Center to work with a diverse group of clients who have very different needs. 

Trinity Center is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization and accepts donations from individuals, churches, corporations and foundations. These donations help support a subsidy fund that allows clients who are uninsured, unemployed or otherwise unable to pay the full fee to receive our services. 

Trinity Center is committed to continuing to meet the needs of the changing community of which it has been a part for over forty years. Its mission to improve lives by providing exceptional care with openness, hope and faith is the foundation which drives Trinity Center’s on-going efforts. 

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